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Chill Out Blankets was created by Nancy Miller.  She is the mother of 8 children, and now countless grandkids, who spent too many years freezing to death alongside the playing fields of Northern Ohio. Nancy vowed to create the "Ultimate" sports blanket to keep herself warm. Through much trial, error, and labor, she finally put together the fabrics that have kept her warm and dry on the sidelines for years.  


She still carries the first blankets she made 15 years ago as a testimonial to the durability and quality of the product. (They still look good).  The original design has been refined and she is now happy to share her quest for warmth and her labor of love with you.


Chill Out Blankets are going to the beach, parks, camping, hunting, everywhere!  Most people just put them in their cars and take them everywhere they go.  There are so... many uses we haven't even heard them all yet. 

We will work with you to match your team colors and logos, so that you get just the product you want. Embroidery options are as vast as your imagination.


Quality Product 


Weather Resistant


Realistic Pricing


Chill out Blankets' goal is to provide warmth for one more freezing sports fan.

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