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USNA Blanket





Product Information:

Chill Out Blankets are the Ultimate All Purpose Weather-Proof Blankets. Each blanket is custom made. Choose from our wide selection of materials, add your own embroidered design, for a personalized blanket. Our blankets are unique because they combine a soft decorative fabric on one side, and a strong, weather-proof fabric on the other side. They are stylish and functional. Enjoy the best of both worlds. All of our blankets are machine washable. Choose your own size: Small (36" x 51"), Regular (54" x 68"), XL (54" x 80").

Each blanket is made with warm fleece on the inside and weather resistant vinyl on the outside.  Yes the vinyl is more pliable when it is warm, but advances in the vinyl industry have allowed Nancy to create a blanket that is pliable in all chilly temperatures and wraps tightly around you to keep the cold out and the warm in.

We use fleece on our blankets because the material is soft and warm. Our fleece comes in a variety of designs and colors. Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll get it.

We use a special vinyl material that is water-proof AND wind-proof. Other water-proof blankets you may find are just water-proof, but don't keep the wind from cutting right to your bones. If you've ever sit through a sporting event enduring freezing winds, you know just how important a wind-proof blanket is!
When you personalize your blanket with your team colors, name and/or logo and your favorite athletes name or number, you will wrap up in warmth and display your support for your school, college or club. Or and your baby's name and birthday, or.... the options are endless.

We embroidery names, dates, images, logos, animals, you name it! Just send us you request and we'll work with you to get the design finalizes just as you envision it.


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The USNA Blanket is a special order blanket for Navy families and students. This blanket has the soft fleece in yellow gold and navy vinyl. The embroidery has "USNA" in an outlined font. You can specify the year and name for your blanket.
All Chillout blankets are made with wind & water-proof vinyl, and soft comfy fleece on the other side.  Our blankets are machine washable, and tumbly dry.  They are family friendly, multi-purpose blankets to get you through any outdoor weather event.


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